Friday, November 02, 2007

Bonfires and SLIM Pickin's

I love this silhouette picture that I got at the bonfire. Far left is Caleb roasting a hot dog over the fire, then there is Vivian sitting on her stump seat, and son Alex is next to her.

Caleb found the gourd he wanted. LOL
Poor Karen looks exhausted. It's partly my fault though. We sat up talking all night the night before and had been running all over town all day before we went to get the pumpkins.

I said I'd share pictures from the bonfire/weeny roast and from our trip to the pumpkin "patch", so here they are.

I know there is a real patch - somewhere, but they don't let the public go in the actual patch. You have to chose one from tarp they're laid out on.

We've had a really bad drought all year and I guess that's why there weren't many pumpkins to chose from. In the past years there were tons of pumpkins, and HUGE ones!
Hopefully things will be better next year.
I did find a few dried gourds that I wanted. Really long curly handled ones. I cleaned them up and put a couple over my kitchen cabinets. One I made into a bowl and did a simple wood-burned design on.
That's all for now.
Happy Fall!

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