Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Simpler Designs on the Horizon.

After thinking and debating I have decided to start a line of simpler designs. Not quite so dangly and more mono-tone.
Today I made a pair of earrings that sport one single white pearl and one itty bitty silver bead hanging from french earwires. Not typical french earwires...these are a little longer than most in the back are elegant looking but still casual enough to wear every day.

I have tons and tons of Swarovski crystals, mostly in the beautiful AB finish. If you don't know AB finish is like a coating that makes the crystals have a very mirrored finish. Very pretty! Any way, I need to start incorporating them in to more designs as well. I've spent a fortune on them so I need to actually USE them.

I love working with wire and and making totally unique one of a kind pieces as well. The only problem with that is that sometimes a design can turn out so intricate that I can not duplicate it for earrings, thus it becomes a pendant instead. LOL

I guess that's all for now. Chris is on his way home from the office and me and the boys are meeting up with him to have dinner.
Have a great rest of your Thursday! :0)

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