Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shout Out to backroomtreasures

Almost Paradise

I want to take some time to promote some of MY favorite Etsy sellers/shops.
Today I want to introduce you to a lady that I have never met yet we are practically neighbors! She only lives about half hour from me. Anyway, I found her by total accident last night as I was just cruising through random shops on

Her name is Judy and the things I love in her shop are her paintings and mini versions on her ACEOs.
She captures my hearts desires in her paintings to a T! If I could have an old run down log cabin and have it full of these treasures I'd be right at home. :)

I had the good fortune to come across both of these beauties and I snatched them up quick as I could! There are several more that I want but I am trying hard to pace myself. It's not easy! lol

Thanks to Judy for sharing your talents with the world. I can't wait to get these beauties!
Please visit her shop (by clicking on the title) and have a look around.
Fit For A King
Pictures posted with permission of Judy @

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