Saturday, April 14, 2007

In the nick of time!

I went to bed early tonight and woke back up around midnight to find that it was pointless to lay there any longer so,... I got up and checked on my store. Guess what, I made a sale while I was sleeping! YAY.
It's a good thing I got up when I did because only mere seconds after I printed off a receipt to pack up the order Etsy went down for site maintenance. Figures, eh? LOL

The past two nights I spent my time parked in front of the tv and made about a gazillion new pairs of earrings. Problem is now I have to do the grunty-est, most un -fun-est part of selling. Agonizing over getting great pictures and listing each piece with the perfect description. I swear I hate this part of internet selling so much. But, it's gotta be done and I guess it's better than having things where people are constantly touching and fondling them only to put them back on a rack, etc. LOL

Anyway, here is a distorted sampling of some of the lampwork earrings I made. Picture doesn't do them justice but that was intentional. :)

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