Sunday, April 08, 2007

Announcing my Diva Trendsetter Collection

Ever get in one of those moods where you are feeling completely and totally female? You know, "I am woman hear me ROAR!" lol

Well, I must've been in a roaring, clawing, live out loud mood last night and this is the result. I really like it/them.

Sometimes I think I live vicariously through my creations. When I wish I was that tall, thin, model-esque type woman I get in a mood to create pieces that look like something you'd find in a funky boutique on Rodeo Drive. Other times I am happily grounded in the fact that I am a simple lady with simple taste and desires. But, who says you can't have the best of both worlds? After all it is a womans prerogative to change her mind. ;)

As far as this set is concerned I could totally see myself wearing it with one of my bright pink shirts. It would pull the pink dots out of the lampwork beads so awesomely. And speaking of the lampwork beads...these beauties were hand made by a very nice lady in Arizona. She lives in a magnificent log cabin and creates beads in her studio there. I would love to be able to take a tour of it and watch her at work.

Enough daydreaming. I need to get back to reality. Caleb is waiting for me to finish. We are going out for breakfast this morning. :) Have a Happy Easter!!!


NikkiH said...

VERY beautiful Kristie, you sure do know how to make amazing jewelry.


PS. where are you today girlie? I am on AIM

Kristie said...

PS. where are you today girlie? I am on AIM

Hey! Thanks. I am on AIM too. Have been since about 11AM your time. LOL Now your away message says you're taking a 30 minute nap. You've been away for over an hour now. tap, tap, tap....where are YOU? ;) lol said...

Wow, I really love that set! Super cool, great colors. Good job! :)