Friday, April 06, 2007

Hearts and Roses (A Sneak Peek!)

After working on it for over a week...It is finally done!

This item is composed of more pricey materials than I've ever used on one item before!! It causes the price to go up, up, UP so I probably won't make many large pieces like this one.

It is kind of like the difference in wearing plastic pearls vs. real pearls. Cubic Zirconium vs. a diamond. You get the idea.
In the beaded jewelry "world" you have glass beads and some are more valued than others. Take Czech and MONET for example. More valued than the glass beads at say LOL
Then there are the handmade lampwork beads (uber pricey) vs. the ones you get in a kiddy bead kit at a toy store. There IS a difference. Quality really does cost more.

Why am I telling you this? Because you are going to have a heart attack and think I've lost my mind when you see the price of the item pictured above. Teehee, At least now you are educated as to WHY it is priced so high. :)

See it here.

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