Monday, April 21, 2008



Today is dear hubbies birthday and I am SO excited. I want to take him to smokeybones for their all you can eat baby back ribs.
OMGosh I can just smell it (in my mind) and it's heavenly. I also love their pulled pork BBQ platter. YUM!
I think bbq is my new favorite food and it was also the theme of this years birthday- quite by accident though...

For Christmas I bought him this huge professional grill with a lot of gadgets and necessities. He really had his heart set on having the rotisserie for it but I was tapped out and talked him into waiting on it a bit longer. So, that's what I bought him for his birthday. Got the rotisserie basket to go with it as well for shrimp, veggies, and all those small things. I also picked up a fancy smancy meat thermometer that tells when beef, pork, and chicken are safe to eat. He loved it all and can't wait to pop a chicken on there. He has loved rotisserie chicken as long as I can remember.
So between Smokey Bones and his gifts I think It'll be one fine birthday for hubby. :)

OK, now I'm reallllly hungry! Is is time to go eat yet??

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