Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vacation Pictures. LOTS of them! :)

Not very impressive on the outside! This wasn't the cabin that I originally reserved. The people at Black Bear cabin rentals called us the day we were to arrive and said our cabin wasn't ready and they had to put us in this other one. I wasn't happy about it but what can you do? All of the Smoky Mountains were booked solid! The cabin I originally reserved could sleep 8 people. When they traded us for this one they told us it could sleep 6. Not! It had one king bed, one queen, and one sleeper sofa. That was my biggest peeve about the trade off. Chris and I had the king, Vivian had the queen, Alex slept on the sofa bed, and Caleb just slept in the floor. His preference. I don't know how he does that! He sleeps in the floor here at home a lot too.

I wish we'd have gotten a picture of it from the side so that you can see the entire house was hanging off the side of the mountain. Only that tiny porch entrance was on solid ground. The rest of it was on stilts basically.

Loved the fireplace and that's a decent sized TV. Over there on the right is the doorway to the laundry room.

Here you can see that my hubby was a complete SLOB as soon as we arrived. Put your clothes in the bedroom? What on earth for? LOL
To the left was a recliner and to the right in the background was a full kitchen.

Master bedroom with king size bed. As you can see Chris did eventually move his clothes to the bedroom, right in the way of my next picture. LOL
This bedroom had a nice large bathroom in it, a huge walk in storage closet and a large TV.

That's Caleb standing at the table. As you can see the window has a view of the back deck.

Moving upstairs... this is the bed in the loft. It also had it's own adjoining bathroom, and TV.

The view from the upstairs bedroom.

The kids spent a lot of time upstairs playing pool. They really enjoyed it.

The stairway entrance from downstairs. It goes up and around a bit.

View from the loft.

Chris and Caleb out on the deck.

Alex and my niece Vivian on the deck. They look bored but I think they were just relaxing. :)

This is the view from the back deck. This only gives you a tiny feel for how extremely HIGH up we were. You could drop a penny off the deck and it took a while before you heard it hit the ground. LOL

Wonder why it's called the Great Smoky Mountains? Now you know. Isn't it beautiful!!!

I zoomed in as far as I could to get this picture of the cabin across the way. It looks close but look at the first mountain picture to get a real idea of how far away it really was. I took this one because I wanted to show you how enormous this cabin was. Look at the propane tank. It looks like a tic tac sitting next to it!

There were wild turkeys that visited the cabin every day. Most days we say 4 to 6 of them at a time.

These are my guys doing their impression of the Captain Morgan commercials. Silly boys! But aren't I blessed. They are so handsome! :o)

Last but not least, Vivian and Caleb in the hot tub. The one at this cabin was a tiny/dinky thing compared to the one we had a Echota Resort, but there were many other amenities this cabin had that the other didn't that more than made up for it.

So there you have it. A small look at our vacation in the mountains. I so wish I would have had the nerve to take a picture of the steep driveway and of all the wonderful fall pumpkins, scarecrows and such. Sevierville really goes all out with their decorations, especially for autumn. It was just so HOT when we went into the city and drained me. I hope to go back next week and get pics. when it's cooler.

The End.

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Annie said...

Kristie, Hi, I am your stocking swap partner!
We vacation in Gatlinburg between Christmas and New Years, It is a lovley place! Looks like you had fun.
Im looking forward to getting to know you! and send some goodies your way, Have a great evening!