Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just Checking In

I can't believe how fast our 3 nights and 4 days at the cabin flew by.

I gotta tell ya, the cabin was way, way, way UP in the mountains. Picture a skinny one lane rock road that goes almost straight up. Make several hairpin turns and continue going straight up to an even higher elevation. I was scared stiff. I was glad that we were in the 4WD Jeep!

Not quite ready to go home, we decided to leave the mountain, come back into the heart of the city of Pigeon Forge, and grab a motel room for one more night.

We took a drive over to Townsend so Chris could visit his favorite woodcarving store. We also stopped and ate breakfast there. It cost $60 for five of us to eat BREAKFAST! Crazy! (I forgot to mention that we let my 12 yo. neice come with us, so that's where the fifth person comes in.)

After we check out of the motel in the morning I'm going to go waste a couple hours at the HUGE scrapbook store and scrapbook clearance store over at Governer's Crossing. Can't wait. I'm hoping I will find some things that will get me excited about scrapping again. I've got so many pictures I need to scrap.

Funny, as I type this Chris is sitting at the foot of the bed carving a spoon. Alex, Caleb and Vivian are relaxing after a dip in the pool, and here I sit blogging on the laptop. I think we will be ready to be home after tonight. LOL

I'll post some pictures when I get home.
See ya soon. ~Kristie


Peggy said...

sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I have some blueberries and creme soaps drying. will let you know when they are ready. Thanks for taking part in the card shower!

Kristie said...

Thanks Peggy. :) Can't wait.

Anybody else that reads this let me highly encourage you to visit Peggy's Etsy shop.

I recommend the gingersnap soap and lotion and also the caramel soap and lotion. You'll LOVE them!!