Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's Up With Me...

Just a few updates and things to share...

SICK: First thing- I have a miserable sinus thing going on that just started today. ICK!

SHOPPING: I made myself feel a little better with some online shopping. :) You already know I am totally an old soul and love all things rustic, primitive, grungy and grubby. That in mind you'll understand what I mean when I tell you that I HAD to buy some Pumpkin Putka Pods and Rose Hips!

Maybe it's because we are already experiencing the onset of fall here on the east side of the US due to the drought and extremely high temps. Or maybe I just feel that these are going to look and smell fabulous in a wooden bowl on table! LOL If you don't know Putka are these pods that grow in India. As you can see, they look like miniature pumpkins. How cute is that! I can't wait to get them. I ordered them from www.gainerscreekcrafts.com Her shop is chock full of all sorts of handmade goodies and things.

Thinking ahead to Christmas...Okay so I wasn't really thinking that far ahead, but when I saw these I had to have them as well. I collect grungy gingerbread men. Here's a pic. of them.
They are going to be cute along with my other ones in my - small but growing collection.

CLEANING and STORMING: About 3 times a year I load up every bedding item in the house and head off to the laundromat. I don't think I can explain why I have this need to do this. I just do! All blankets, comforters, throws, quilts, sheets, pillow cases, and yes, even ALL pillows get loaded up for a thorough washing.
Anyway, while we were there a storm popped up out of nowhere. One minute it was a sweltering 103* and then all of a sudden it came the roughest storm I have ever witnessed in my life!
The rains came down fast and hard, then harder and harder still. The wind was blowing things over and bending street signs like the were made of string. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse it started hailing like nobodies business. As if that wasn't enough the wind, rain, and hail all started to blow round and round in a synchronized whirlwind of fury. Then, total white out!! The next thing I saw was the glass and glass doors at the front part of the laundromat began to suction in and out, in and then out again. I remember yelling something about- Everybody get AWAY from the windows!! NOW!!
I knew for sure that they were going to implode. I thought for sure that we were witnessing a tornado.

Oddly enough I did not panic. My main concern was making sure that the kids were safe. This laundromat was newly built. It is a brick building nestled up against a high hillside. The only windows were the ones up front. I figured we would be fairly safe there.
The only time I got worried was when I tried to call Caleb and didn't get an answer. He was home alone and he was asleep. I thought to myself- my house will not withstand this if this is happening out home. Then I called Karen and luckily she answered, said it wasn't raining their at all but said she would go get Caleb for me and take him over to Mom's. (She has a basement.)

About as fast as the storm blew in it also blew right back out. There was no major property damage. Only a few restaurant signs got blow down, shattered. A few red lights got twisted round and round. Other than that and some limb debris every thing else was ok. The storm headed further north and missed my house- thank goodness. I'm happy to say that we made it back home with nice clean blankets and pillows. lol

EBAY: Yesterday I got an unexpected email via ebay. A lady said that she had received some of my scrapbook items as a gift from a friend a while back and wanted to know if I planned to list more things soon? She was complimentary about my items. So sweet.
I told her that I only sell on Etsy now as ebay was cost prohibitive. I invited her to come see me there and I would be happy to work with her on an order. --Haven't heard back from her just yet. I think it's pretty cool that someone contacted me after all this time. I haven't sold on ebay in a very long time!

BEING PUBLISHED: Can you believe that? Nikki gave me the heads up about a new line of idea books coming out by Bead Trends. They are the same folks that do Scrapbook Trends. Anyway, I submitted a couple of pieces for their consideration and to my surprise they wanted a set from my Pearlfection Collection for the Nov./Dec. idea book.
I guess it's an OK thing, but I am not giddy about it or anything. I never really tried very hard to get my scrapbook items published, and in turn I never was published, LOL.
I only entered my jewelry pieces half heartedly, but, you know the rest...

I'm sure there's more to tell but I'm even more sure that you are probably glad that I finished here. ;)

The End.

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