Thursday, February 22, 2007

Paint -before and after pics. :)

I took way, way too many pictures of our recent kitchen painting. I have before, during, and after shots. Fifteen pictures total. I don't want the LO to be more than a two page spread so I will have to choose a lot less but it's gonna be HARD. The pics. can't be cut down or they won't make sense. What's a girl to do? So many are "must include" pics. LOL

Now I gotta be honest... I'm pretty timid about posting pics. of my house. I'm not ashamed of it, we built our house from the ground up but we were under a bit of duress. We didn't get to do a lot of thinking and planning. We had a young kid and we needed a place STAT! That being said, everything in my home is not so-so. There is a LOT that I would change about it now that I am older/wiser but it's my house nonetheless. It won't win any awards but it keeps us warm and dry. LOL

Anyway! The colors are a bit off in these. The paint is not quite as dark as it looks in the during picture but it's also not as light/RED as it looks in the last after picture either. Think a dark berry maroon? So there they are. Our old blue paint was ok for a while but it was a flat paint and let me tell you. Every time the walls were touched it left the fingerprints! If you look you can see black scuff marks. Lord only knows where those came from! It was more that I hated how every smudge showed up more than anything, but I did also want a new color. The house feels so much warmer and inviting now. I've hung new curtains, got a couple really funky multicolored vases and pictures and I just love it- at least for now. LOL

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