Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It never fails...

You probably recognize these letters. They are Alphabet Soup letters by KI Memories. Now, I had been wanting these for a LONG time but honestly $13 is a bit expensive for 46 measly letters! I just refused to pay it. LOL
Then as time went on I kept seeing them on layouts and wishing I had some. Wishing, wishing.
Finally I decided it was obvious that I was always going to wish I had some so I gave in and decided to order a can, or two. (whistles and looks at the ground.) LOL

I told Nikki, and I quote: "Now watch. Now that I've finally broken down and ordered some I bet someone somewhere will have them on clearance for half price soon."
No sooner said than done! Yep, I was looking online today and came across a store that was selling them for $6.25 a can!!! Can you say DOH! I feel so ripped off. lol
I HATE to pay retail when I could've had the same product for half. As soon as I decided to bite the bullet it goes on clearance the next day.
It never fails.

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