Thursday, January 07, 2010


Blessings abound. Chris got the news a few days ago that he is being promoted. I can't remember what the position is called but it is the highest position in the company...without being one of the actual owners. He has received the most promotions in the fastest time ever in the history of this company. He went from low man on the totem pole to highest ranking in only 3.5 years. They have guys that have been with the company 8 years or more that still haven't shown they are worthy or capable of being in positions of more authority. Yes, I am very proud of him. He also got his OSHA certification, which I am sure helped with the promotion decision.

The reason this makes me happy is because it means he *should be home more, salary pay instead of hourly so no more weeks of missed paychecks. Plus, when he does have to go to oversee a job site he just has to make an appearance and come right back home. We shall see how this pans out after he has held the position for a while. But for now I am hopeful. Hopeful of having my husband back.

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scrapper al said...

Congratulations Chris!!!

stretchyfernia said...

Congratulations! Life is merry right? Im so happy for your achievement.

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Happy for the achievement you had.