Saturday, September 26, 2009

Children and Babies

How can I put this without sounding heartless???

I'm not a mean person. I'm not a child hater or anything like that. But sometimes I feel like I live in a world where I am the only one who's heart doesn't skip a beat over a photograph of a baby, swoon over the freshly bathed smell of a newborn, or get weepy thinking about "your" child's first day of kindergarten.
I don't think it's cute when you catch your kid playing in makeup. I don't think it is awesome that your kid knows that 1+5=6 at the tender age of 2. And honestly, I really could not care less that you had a baby. Good for you, I guess, and I'm glad it is happy and healthy and all that. I just don't think it's the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of childbirth.
Again, not because I'm a mean, cold-hearted person. I'm really not. I'm just WAY past that point in my life. Truth be told I never once saw a baby and felt the urge to have more myself.

And before you start thinking I am talking about someone specific, I am not. I am talking in general. Life.
Every few months someone has a baby and everyone and their grandmother makes such a fuss. I would never be rude and say WHOOP DE DO! If you are happy then I am happy for you, silently, and that would be it.

I thought that when I reached 36 I would finally have friends that were finished having kids and moving on with the next phase of their lives. Women I could talk to about something other than what their kids did that was so darn cute.
Or how you have over extended all of your free time by signing your kids up for little league, ballet, and whatnot to the point that you are exhausted all. the. time!

I had my kids when I was 15 and 20. They are now 21 and (almost) 16. I can't relate to 2am breastfeeding, your kid biting another kid in preschool, your son farting out loud in church, or your daughter picking out the perfect dress for her 8th grade banquet.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm ready to "play" with the grown up mommies. Women who have their own identity. Women who's lives aren't 100% children's channels 24/7, and women who aren't dying to be grandmothers right away. Women in the middle is what I can relate to. Your kids can take care of themselves and you can make conversation on several topics that do not include kids. Am I really the only woman alive that is fulfilled by just being me? That doesn't need to have a baby or talk about kids all the time to feel justified? Aren't we about so much more than changing diapers? Isn't there a point in time between having young kids and before the grand babies come along that women enjoy? Is it really selfish to love that "free" time in your life to not be needed all. the. time?

OK, I am done talking about kids for the next few years. Let's talk shopping, marriage, hobbies, lets gossip, take a drive, make dinner reservations, go to a nightclub and act a fool. Anything!~ I know you are a mom, but what else are you? WHO else are you? Do you even know?


Peggy said...

I understand completely! How ya been? miss your posts.

Kristie said...

Hi Peggy! Miss you too. Since I joined Facebook I haven't been blogging as much. lol Are you on Facebook??