Thursday, July 09, 2009

I need an assistant!

I love making stuff for my Etsy shop but I absolutely loathe all the time it takes to make great photos of the items, then all the photo editing and getting them to the proper size, write descriptions, file categories, and all that listing jazz.

Like now I have a dozen or so rag style stockings I need to get listed and a bunch of other Christmas themed items I've made over the past few months. (I want to list now so that they will expire just after Christmas).

Anyway, I put my creations away after I make them. So in order to list them I have to drag it all back out, set a stage, etc. It takes too many hours logged in front of the computer to get it all listed.

I wish I had an assistant to do the listings so that I could just enjoy being creative. lol


Peggy said...

Kristie, keeping it quiet for now till stepdaughter stops nasty comments.

DeeDee said...

I am right there with realy cramps my creative style sitting for hours listing and photographing it all...but I love your stuff so please don't stp listing..please...

Linda said...

I totally agree. I just wanna do creative and maybe promote. But the photography stuff takes more time and then I gotta redo it.

Keep on creating. Pretty works.

Linda B.