Sunday, March 02, 2008

Time for a yard sale! Or something!!!

A few people asked to see pictures of my CVS stockpile, so here it is.
Let me just say that my house is small, otherwise all this STUFF would be a lot more organized and neat. Also, we have different ways of storing the stuff we get. Giveaway items go in one room, and the things we are keeping and stockpiling go in another- for the most part!

Yes, we are running out of space and there is WAY more here than what you see in these pictures. Like WAY, WAY. lol

I have 5 full displays of the Magic Erasers. I love these things! They help me keep my white kitchen, well, white.
A mix of Dawn and Palmolive dishwashing liquid. Yes, I have a dishwasher. lol But it still comes in very handy to have around.
Love this Sambucol! It is elderberry juice and it tastes great. Almost too great. It has really helped me kick off the sickies this winter. Don't know how we ever lived without it.

Please excuse the shot of the potty. I was attempting to show you that this TP goes floor to ceiling, and the ceiling in my bathroom is cathedral. The packs at the bottom are 3 deep. There is enough toilet paper to last us about a year and a half, or so.
These are in our keep shelf.
More from my keep shelf.

Yet more from the keep shelf.
and again...
and again...
and again...
and again... LOL.
We ran out of room for the Dove shampoos and conditioners on the shelf, so these are currently in a drawer.
Love these Venus Embrace razors. This is all I have of these for now but will be picking up 4 more this week. I think I can fit 4 more in that drawer.
Alex's personal drawer of Gillette Fusion razors. These are his favorite and he wouldn't part with them for anything. lol
Caleb loves the Mach 3 razors. I still can't believe my "baby" is shaving!!
OK, these Glade candles... I must have 2 dozen of them but to make it easier I only photographed 4.
This is stuff in boxes in the giveaway room/piles. Pardon the dust and lack of arrangement. It all started off nice and orderly, but then got way outta control as the giveaway pile grew. Yes, there's more candles. Those are the Glade Flameless ones. I have probably a dozen of those. Then in the middle is a pile of Aquafresh toothpaste, yes, MORE toothpaste! Further left are Dove SkinVitalizer facial machines and the cleansing pads that go with them. I started out keeping these but after I accumulated 8 machines and 24 packs of cleansing pads I decided enough was enough.
This box houses a bunch of crappy Schick Quattro razors, Purell hand sanitizer that I don't have room for in my personal keep shelf, so, they got tossed in the giveaway box.
Another giveaway box. More mouthwash, deodorants, and some Maybeline? eyeshadow trios. At last count we had 65 tubes of Adidas deo. and about 40 tubes of the Steep Stick 24/7 deo. We are deo poor!
This pegboard houses a keep/give spilt. There are 60 boxes of Excedrin at last count, 80 packs of batteries- those are on long pegs and run 3 to 4 deep each. There are around 32 MORE boxes of various toothpastes, 10 Advil Cold & Sinus, 18-20 Tylenol Severe Cold, 30+ more razors, Advil, 17 -2pk. boxes of 6 Hour Extreme Enery shots. At one point we had 30 of these but they work so well that we go through them pretty fast and gave some away.

In all honesty I have lost count on how many dishwashing cleaners/tabs I have. At last count there were 34 Electrasol, and what you can't see behind those are several packs of Dawn Action Packs, and Electrasol liquid packs.

So there you have a little taste of the mess that is my house now that we've been CVSing. Like I said, this is just a small sampling of it. I will take the pics. and upload the rest of the stuff later on.

There is a lot of work to be done to get and keep all of this in some kind of order. If you want to come over and help me get it straightened up and organized better well, you come right on over. ;)


scrapper al said...

Kristie, I think you have a problem, lol. But if you were my neighbor, I'd be buying some of that stuff off of you!

Kristie said...

Wanna come to my yard sale? LOL

SherryBee said...

WOW! What a stash...
I used to have a ton of 'stuff' too, that we would get with double coupons and refunding about 10=15 years ago. Once they made it harder to 'refund', I lost interest....
What is CVSing and how do you accumulate so much stuff?
I say GOOD FOR YOU! The price of groceries and health/beauty items is ridulous nowdays!

Kristie said...

Hi Sherry,
You should go to hotcouponworld [dot]com and read the CVS forums on the ExtraCare program. It explains it WAY better than I could. lol