Thursday, September 20, 2007

GREAT mail day today!

I am happier than a kid in a candy store!! I got 6 packages in the mail today. YAYAY.
Even better...4 of the 6 packages were from Etsy. Oh yeah!

I got 6 WONDERFUL goat milk soaps from
Peggy is my favorite soap supplier ever! I now have 20 of her soaps.

A 5LB. bag of cinnamon scented rose hips from
These smell fabulous!
Two awesome lotions from
I got chocolate orange and my favorite scent of hers, Beyond Melon. YUM-O!

A batch of hand made cinnamon "grubby star mixins" to go with my cinna rose hips from
These too smell wonderful. Cinnamon is very favorite scent ever.

The Essential Glue Pad from
For when I actually do get back to scrapbooking, LOL.

and finally, some much needed spacer beads from
Gotta have'em. Can't make much of anything without them.

Here are the cinna star mixins and the rose hips in their new home. Yep, I'm ready for Christmas a wee bit early but my room smells DIVINE. :)

Isn't it just delightful? Feels like home!

And there you have it. My super-duper-wonderful- excellent- great- mail day.

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