Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some 4th of July pics.

At the motel.
Caleb and Vivian just arriving at the pool.
Alex looking at what I don't know. lol
Me after a dip in the pool. You can blow this one up to hang in your garden if you like. It's scary enough to keep the birds and other animals out.
Caleb and Vivian sitting on the bank after the fireworks playing with their glow sticks. (Which I bought over 75 of, by the way! lol When we got back in the room for the night we had a lot of fun playing "hot potato", ring toss and at least a dozen other different games with them.
I took a picture of all the glow sticks, bracelets, batons spread out on the bed but it came out too blurry.
My favorite shot of the fireworks. I love that it's not perfectly in frame. This one will be a 5X7 when I get it printed.

We ordered pizza for dinner and had it delivered to us poolside. I was lucky enough to snag us a table. We spent the whole day at the pool and I got sunburned. Totally didn't expect I'd even get in the pool and completely forgot to bring the sunblock. DOH!
And well, there you have it. :o)

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